After another 2 weeks, Olly is an outside cat. On Saturday, I scattered a scoop of his litter tray into the corners of the garden. He woke me early on Sunday. I took him outside and played with him with cat treats. He explored. He went further and I eventually lost sight, though I rattled the cat treat box. I went back to bed. An hour and a half later he was back, bristling with friendliness. I fed him, then he wanted to play. He likes to sit under a chair and have his goldfish toy whisked around to grab. The day went on like this. I left the garage door open and he came and went, then wanted attention. One time we were outside and he used a corner of the garden under the shrubs. He does not appear to have used the litter tray. He had a short excursion onto the roof outside my bedroom window.

The night included another play episode and feeding him very early. He still goes for me from time to time. I hope he’ll settle. He’s using the cat flap both ways, so he is quite settled.

Apart from that, I took my old Wilson Sapphire bass body to have the paint stripped. I’ll have to check if I mentioned this. I started it with an old can of Nitromors, which worked. Then I bought more and it didn’t. It appears the active ingredient has been banned. I went to a company called ‘Strippers’ near Maidenhead. I don’t advise looking for them on Google. Also had a few beers at the local that night.

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