The Events

I attended international events including the WHPSC in the US from ’91 to ’94, a Europeans in Munster and events in the UK. I began to get the feeing I had something to contribute. As a designer, builder and racer, there were things I did and didn’t want. I wanted lots of varied racing . I didn’t want too much hanging around, processions through the neighbourhood, meetings with the mayor or practical vehicle competitions, the latter because it is impossible to define a practical vehicle. The event should be for the people who take the time, trouble and expense to attend.

I was a witness for The Bean records in 1992. I made my first contributions at the Leicester events in 1995 and 1996. I was the person who got Brighton 2001 off the ground. That year I went over to the 2nd  Battle Mountain. I was asked to take the part of race director in 2004 and 2005. I also acted as Nick Green’s wingman at Bentwaters in 2008. I think I have done enough, but continue to be happy to act as a record witness for the WHPVA and IHPVA.