Olly is settling in fairly well. He still goes for me sometimes, but I notice he is licking his bum, which probably means he has worms (and so has eaten a mouse), so that could explain him being a bit irritable.
I bought him a new toy – a Sense feeding maze. Only used cat treats so far, but he spends time with it – and tips it over sometimes- so may be a good place to put his dry food. It may have been made for little kitties. He isn’t one.
He brought me a dead bluetit, unharmed. He was very excited about it. I think it was one of the juveniles from my nestbox. The box was crammed a week ago. Now it is silent, so they have gone. I cleaned it out. The nest was mostly live moss. I scalded it out and left it open front as a robin box. I’ll look up and see if there is any chance of another brood of something.
At work, the 1st new server is in, but still being configured. The various items will be virtualised within it and we will have a second mirror server. We are going Office356. It comes with an intranet and extranet. The extranet is half configured to be used as our customer facing pages. We need some more style and data changes but it already looks way better than the old one. Also much easier to maintain.
Sad to hear about Karl Harris. I knew dave Pinkerton who died in a sidecar at the IoM.
Battle Mountain is looking very exciting, with a number of high laminar bikes. Multiple bikes over 80 this year?

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