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  1. Get in touch if you see this. Email is


  2. Laura Manning says:

    Jonathan – I think your email has been hacked. (I am getting those “I am stuck in the Philippines, please send money” email messages.) It seems I do not have your phone number to tell you this.
    So this is me trying to tell you…

    See you soon!


  3. Martinius Berg says:

    I am impressed of your tech. skills and the recumbents you have made over the years. But it is the mono blade fork that catches my special eye. I would love to try to make or have someone to make a mono blade fork for a Challenge Chamsin 700 C wheels but have never done this my self !

    Maybe with your tech. advice it would work . The main problem with the standard fork is that the return chain is rubbing the forks right side and i feel its a bit dangerous when it catches the rubber tire up front.

    Be kind to contact me if you have any suggestion how i could work out a good solution for my bike.


    • protobikes says:

      The monoblade was a Mike Burrows item. Heavy and with a very rough ride. You can probably still get one, or it’s successor from HQ Fibre Products.

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