Another cat! Olly always wants to play. Now he has a playmate. In his past life there was another cat he was friendly with and which he let into the house. I wanted a young female so he wasn’t threatened. Eventually Battersea came up with Aphie, short for Aphrodite.

Aphie1 Aphie2 Aphie3 Aphie4

Cute huh? She’s tiny. At about nine months old, she will probably not grow much more. She’s full of energy and very confident and friendly. She spent 3 months on a building site, but must have had a proper home at some time to be so nice. After 2 weeks Olly is tolerating her, sometimes pouncing before she does. She hisses more than he does. She’s a small white and orange tornado, dashing around the house. Not going out for another couple of weeks, but she eats alongside Olly and sometimes steals his food.

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  1. Miss von Brandenburg says:

    Hi Jonathan, immediately checked out your website after I came off the phone. Aphie is very cute indeed. More cat pictures are always welcome. 🙂

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