Things carry on changing very fast. There were some good things at the weekend. I fixed my boiler, my shower fitting and the rear wiper on my car. On the other side, my new cat went missing and I dropped an impact driver in the bath, ruining it.

I had planned to let Olly out Saturday morning. I didn’t feed him first and I had cat treats handy. He seemed fine trotting around the garden. He attempted the 6ft fence on 1 side, but didn’t quite make it. Easily got over the other fence. I saw him nosing around in the neighbours garden. That is the last I saw of him. I spent ages walking around the block and calling. Barely slept that night. On Sunday I went up to the local Battersea branch and reported him missing. They were quite reassuring, but his collar had my phone number, and I have not had a call. I printed some leaflets (Where’s Olly) and distributed to my immediate neighbours. Today I printed a lot more and laminated some. Just have to hope.

Ref the bath: I have not had home insurance for a bit, but I bought some the week before last. Maybe they will pay.

Late update. the lad is back. I put up pictures around the area, one opposite where he was consorting with an older female. I wonder if he needs a companion. Battersea had a tough little white female I liked, but I think she has gone. Getting Olly into the carrier wasn’t easy. He’s a big lad. I need to learn to pick up by the scruff. He’s not overly pleased at encarceration, but currently snoozing peacfully.  


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