Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote. I went to Liverpool. Stayed overnight at a travel lodge, then spent the morning with the company helpdesk. Pleasant lot for the most part. Didn’t quite resort to Google Translator. Then to Liverpool Uni. I met the team who are planning a speedbike. Very early days. Lots to chat about.

Then I went to stay with Graham Sparey-Taylor and family. Lots of showing bikes and chatting about them. They are near Mold, North Wales.

In the morning I drove over to Burleydam near Whitchurch, Shropshire. I have known my friends there for a very very long time, but I have not seen them for years. I would have stayed with them on Sunday, but they were supposed to be away. Turns out they weren’t. Only Fiona (Nisbett) was in when I got there, and an assortment of cats. Fiona asked me when I was going to get another cat. I gave me usual answer, when I get the house cleared up. She pointed out that the cat would not care.

I drove home, but was tired when I got to High Wycombe, so I stopped of to see Miles. Slash was there too. Miles showed me the latest secret project, the one everyone knows about.

The following Saturday (the  5th) I went to look at cats. There is a branch of Battersea cats & dogs near my home. I went and registered, but there wasn’t a really suitable cat. Looking at the website, I spotted a big tabby called Bluey. On the 12th he became my cat. Now known as Olly, for the big O marking on each side and because it is easy to call, and because Tina’s tabby cat is called Molly.


He is a very cool customer, washing and dozing in the basket on the way home. He sometimes nips, but never scratches. Loves chasing toys around the house and snuggling up close. I got a collar onto him with no difficulty. Next weekend I will let him out for the first time.

Meanwhile work has been rather dreadful. I nearly quit and would have done if the finances were a bit better. The company promised all new IT kit, but just isn’t coming up with the money. An update slowed the PCs and server up so much they were unusable. It was lucky it was Easter and lots of people were away. I threatened to leave if the money did not arrive pronto. I have backed down, and of course nothing will happen for ages.

I spent most of the weekend dozing and playing with Olly. Horrible to be back.

I was at the Hillingdon race on the 13th. Great weather and a reasonable attendance. It took lots of pictures which you can find here: http://s1127.photobucket.com/user/Protobikes/library/2014%20Hillingdon%201

Also, last night, I took the red Hofner (recently fettled by Joe White) to an acoustic jam night. Very low key and enjoyable. Now the practice starts! The pub had large screens, initially showing football. Eventually the sound was turned down, but the pictures changed to some beach based ‘reality’ show. Not good for the concentration.


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  1. He appears to be a Cat of Excellent…

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