The week continues franticly busy. In the evenings I have been working on the Hocus Pocus front wheel. Now fully stripped down except that an M8 stainless grub screw which locates the hub brake is bent. I have spent quite a while trying to extract it. Now it is nearly flush with the aluminium hub. I went to the MDSME http://malden-dsme.co.uk workshop session to get some advice. Looks like drilling it out using my drill/mill and a centre drill, slow speed, with some force and Rocol. I need to centre it well, which the digital scales should help with, and push through the surface hardness.  After that, gradually increasing drills until only the thread is left.

This morning someone decided to walk over the A316, right near the footbridge near Sunbury. They didn’t make it, so all the M3 traffic was going onto local roads. I was an hour late to work, but the meeting I was supposed to go to did not happen. Not very much later I went to the gym for a spin class. Did I mention ‘The Bloke’? After 15 mins I wanted to stop, but I hung in there. I was shattered at work after but I am buzzing on endorphine tonight.

After the gym, there is Greggs (Meatball Ciabata) and the Fara charity bookship. I found a Henning Mankell and a Jo Nesbo, so I won’t be writing until I finish them;-).

When I got back, I had a panicky call saying a PC user had something wierd going on. I think it was ‘PC Disk Pro Antivirus’. Quite nasty as it disables things, but it’s a scam. It says you have loads of infections, and that you should give your credit card details to get the version that fixes it. Doh!

I was already planning to go to that department on a JFDI mission to install a cable. I fixed it and the cable thing worked well, but I have been asked to disable Games. I thought I had done it, but had to have another go. Later server versions have it as a GP option. Not ours. I tried another way. We’ll see.

I really must do more exercise, though I know the effects are diminishing. I have done none of the CBT stuff and have a phone session on Friday.

Tomorrow (Thurs) I have to present the new work order format I have been working on. Should be OK and live Friday.

Everyone seems better than me at joke humour, but the cartoon of  ‘Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area’ with a horse on the scales amused me.

I was talking with the Wednesday engineering teacher at MDSME about food scares. He mentioned cannibals so I told him about Kuru being like BSE, and that the preparers of the brain were susceptible. He said it must be hard to find the brains in black people. I was appalled and should have told him, but at least I came back with ‘Not as hard as with Daily Mail readers’, of which I know he is one. He is half German. Wierd. Please don’t do anything with this. I expect some decent (if deluded) people read the Daily Mail. I just needed to express myself. I will tell him when I see him.

I think any decent person would abhore the above. My grandfather came from Poland and my grandmother from Lithuania. They were Jewish, so my Dad was. My feelings of what is acceptable and what is not may be connected with this, but that makes them more real.

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