Sorry not to have kept up. A mixture of things, including a contact with my Dad’s best friend. I am not very nostalgic. I wasn’t close to my dad. I think he is in a cozy myth about our family. Not something I experienced.

Quite a few other things have been pretty good. I said I failed to do the CBT tasks. I was anxious about the call, but it was very good. Gemma’s view is that I’m artistic and not much suited to fixed task, but I’m pretty good at coming up with my own. I was so relieved I wept, but felt much better after. I guess I am going to have to do this my way, like I do everything, but a bit of review would help a lot.

I had quite a busy weekend. I completed disassembling the HP hub, including the steerer bearings. Drilling out the stainless stud was a bit scary but went pretty well.

Maybe an important thing is I am experimenting with snoring control. I have a reflux problem which tends to make me sleep on my back.  I try to keep my head to one side or the other, but it may be I wake myself up often. I have been trying Snoreeze oral strips and a Snore Mate mouthpiece. The latter is a thing that moulds to your teeth but moves the jaw forwards, Try making a snore  sound, them move your jaw forwards.  Can’t snore.  It is taking a while to sleep with it. The former is a strip that dissolves in the roof of the mouth. I can’t figure out what the active ingredient is. My nasal passages are already clear using a saline nasal spray, but it seems to have some effect. I have been waking up much better over the weekend.

More on the weekend later. Getting late now.

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