On Saturday, Sherri was passing, staying near Heathrow. We went for an excellent curry in Hounslow West and got caught up a bit. She was on her way to Hawaii, then to Oz.

On Sunday morning Rainer visited and stayed for an hour or so.

I got the front wheel of Hocus Pocus stripped. A spoke has pulled out of its nipples. I think I cut and threaded the spokes myself. Should be easy to fix. There is slack in the steering axis bearing, which will be harder. To replace those bearings I will need to remove at least one of the big low profile bearings the wheel revolves on. I would also like to start on replacing the front steel components with carbon fibre. I have most of the parts, but some machining is needed.  

Took some packing and a bag full of shoes to the recycling, but missed my walk. It was sleeting.

Today hasn’t been too bad so far, but I have so much to do I hardly know where to start.

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