Today was a better day, despite hangover. At work I am taking a JFDI approach. When I worked for BA we were deluged with ‘Initiatives’. TQM, PPF, WFC. No need to explain. They are TLAs (three letter acronyms). The one we came up with had four letters and stood for Just F…ing Do It! I am doing some of the tasks I have asked the general system to do. I will get them done. They didn’t.

Several ticks on the task sheet and finally one on the bike task sheet. The front wheel of Hocus Pocus, the bike on my heading, has some problems. I think a spoke has broken. Can’t see with the wheel cover on. Also, there is slack in the hub centre steer. I think the conical bearings apply a lot of force pushing each other out when I brake. The solution may be to replace them with normal annular bearings. They probably wouldn’t live long in a road bike, but HP is a racer.

Tonight I took the front wheel out. I used to have a special set of tool for this but they have dispersed, so it took over an hour. Tomorrow I can bring it in and check it out in the warm.

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