Been a while… I had most of last week off work. Didn’t walk on the 10th, but was visited by Rainer. Mostly slept until Weds. Got the door jam finished and put a bookcase together.

A big white tooth filling broke. Had it repaired Weds. No pain, just inconvenient. I finally read the CBT stuff, but have been procrastinating. Phone session less enjoyable than the last. There is a ‘Mindfulness’ bit which is essentially meditation. It is suggested one works up to doing 3 – 4 hours! I’m not going to do that. Might work with walking. The relaxation exercise is a bit uncomfortable too. I have not started really.

I went up to town, had a look in Tate Modern and bought some cycling and other clothes. Staggered home, then went to the pub. I was enjoying it, but a row broke out which seems to have had some connection to me. No idea what but I am a bit glum.

I walked yesterday, 3 times up the steep hill.

Today has been a rotten day back at work. Lots of new problems, some of which I know I can’t solve. I wanted to get on with some development/testing work. No chance of that. Still, I think it is Andy’s birthday on Weds. Something to look forward to.

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