Today was a better day. Last night, after doing relaxation exercises, I got rather drunk. It seems to have blasted out my worries from the weekend. A different reason to feel grim! The exercises are on my tiny old MP3 player. Rather weird as there are sound ‘artefacts’ on the recording. Could be eructations. The other stuff on there includes Little Feat ‘Dixie Chicken’ and another newer album. I can’t remember the name of the newer group, but DC got me singing, dancing and strumming the old Hof. A couple of oddities on there including a version of ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, at higher pace, spoken rather than sung by an American. Very funny, but I have forgotten who did it. Wikipedia did not help.  

Yesterday afternoon I did something about one of the insoluble problems. Against my better judgement but it seems to have satisfied the users.

Today I did quite a few bits of testing, most of which worked pretty well. A report has gone back for further tweaking, but it is close. I was testing a new printer which needs to do 3 different formats. I got it all working direct connected. Not quite as good when networked but it looks possible. Excuse me if I go into geek here. I got the printer onto the network. There isn’t a spare network connection so I paid my own money for a 4 port hub, so the printer can run from the network rather than a PC. The boss has told me I must to recharge the customer for stuff I buy, but this is replacing an existing setup. Not worth worrying about. If it works I will get satisfaction worth more that £20.   

Spin class tomorrow. I got the date for Andy’s birthday do wrong. It’s not ’till March. Good as it is less tomorrow and still something to look forward to.

If there is anyone out there, it would be nice to have a few more non spam comments.

I have done quite a lot more on My Bikes. May get some more done tonight. If I get up to date, maybe I will get round to building one of the new ones.

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