I am getting a bit concerned about the slip-ups. I have forgotten to buy petrol twice recently. The first time I managed to roll onto the garage forecourt. Last night it hadn’t quite stopped when I parked for Otilia’s birthday do. I was on time, which means early for Andy, so I had time to walk to a nearby garage and buy a can.

It was a good do, though predominantly Brazillian so not much chance to communicate. The Brazil/England match was showing on a big screen, but when that had finished there was music and dancing.  Brazillian/Latin pop. Little Lily really got into it. Her elder brother Riley was flinging himself around. The Brazilians, especially the women, danced very well. I’m afraid I was not brave enough to get up, despite my first aclohol of the year. 3 tiny bottles of San Miguel. I left at about 11:00, when it was still in full swing. I used Andy’s camera to take some pics. If he sends me some I will add them.

Before that at lunch time I went to spin class for the first time in a year. Very tough, but I just about stayed with it. The instructor was new to me. A tall skinny bloke with a haircut. Very much a ‘bloke’ with a rough gravelly voice. Still, he ran a good class.

During the afternood I had a 6 month ‘PDR’. I think that is a personal development review. Most of us have these things this days, disguised by various buzz words. I always find them uncomfortable, though it went OK. The boss wants me to manage the subcontractors who provide some IT support. Not something I think I will ever be able to do. Well, I’m allowed to fail some things.

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