The last week has had a few slip ups. I got the date for Otilias birthday wrong. It is tomorrow. Thought it was a bit quiet when I arrived at the restaurant. The Brazillian grapevine went into overdrive and Andy knew by 10:00 that night. On Saturday I went for a dental appointment which was actually today and I forgot to phone my counsellor on Monday. She called me. Last session with her. I am quite a bit better but still taking it slow. I have a CBT type phone appointment on Friday morning.

I had got up early for the dentists so I did some shopping for tools and things to work on the door. Still not finished but I have made the metal plate to reinforce it. I will epoxy it in place to fill the gaps caused by my dodgy carpentry.

I nearly didn’t walk on Sunday, but eventually dragged myself out. I climbed the steep hill twice then walked back through the woods. They are sodden and the paths are swamps so I had to cut through between the trees. No nettles this time of year so it was possible, but hard work. Legs acheing a little.

I wrote to the landlord who owns the house next door. I’ve had problems with him in the past. This time I am just asking if I can put a bird nesting box on the gable end of his new garage.

I am thinking about going to spin class tomorrow. I have a 6 month work review with the boss. I could do with taking my mind off it. Nothing to fear really, but I don’t look forward to them even when on top form.

I’m about to add some more to the Bikes page.

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