300113 Last weekend

Last week continued as busy as before, but I made some progress on a few things by the end of it.

Good weekend. Actually got up and did things on Saturday. Got my glasses fixed so they don’t fall off nearly as much. Took some CD storage units I don’t need to Oxfam. Posted photos to Steve A. Recycled batteries. Worked on the front door. The Yale lock was damaged by an intruder a while ago. I’ve been having to use the deadlock all the time. Repaired the door jam but need to to add a metal reinforcer before it is finished. Bought 3 Jo Nesbos from the local charity book shop, which I had not visited before. 

Didn’t do much on Sunday except a brisk two and a half hour walk. Legs not so stiff afterwards this time. I thought about going with a walking group but they started at 09:30 and I didn’t.

If I have a good weekend, Monday is always more of a shock to the system. A pile of new problems to resolve. Some done, some not.

I’ve been going through a CBT self help guide. As I am a bit better, some examples are hard to find over the last couple of weeks. The one that made me laugh was the week planner. It covers 9am to 7pm. On Monday to Friday that is entirely taken up with work and preparing and travelling, so I don’t need to plan that!

Tonight Otilia has a birthday celebration at Gostosa in Harlesden. Should be fun, though I am still on the wagon. Driving anyway.

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