Another rather different week. I asked a friend  to give a message to someone I spoke to last weekend. It was agreed we would meet up at the Bruno & Marrone gig yesterday. I think this was a matter of Brazilian whispers. The person concerned probably had no idea I wanted to see her the way I wanted to. I spent the week really looking forward to it, very happy.

At first I got the impression we were going to meet before the gig and inhale the odd Brazilian cocktail. That proved not to be the case. Still, I was feeling good queuing up with my friends from about 17:40. We got in at about 19:00. ‘She’ had to work, so was later. 

We had a nice time at first. The recorded  music was fun. I was very up, bouncing on the balls of my feet. We were at the front, far too close to a PA speaker. Then we waited.

There was an MC who kept on stirring the audience up… for near 2 hours. Still no sign of She or the band, and I waited.

Eventually, the band came on. Rather ropy sound wise at first but fun and energetic… and I waited.

Later in the set I was getting really fed up. They do sub US power balads. I don’t much care for the genre and it is worse when you can’t understand the words.

I bought another weak and extremely expensive beer and went out to the foyer.  Then I spotted another of our friends. She greeted me and took me to see She.  She was dancing with a young guy. No prob, she has to dance. She hugged me and gave a formal kiss.

Not quite what I had hoped. I hoped for a chance to get to know her. Even with the loud music, if we had spent the time together, there would have been some communication. I had all my peacock feathers ready but when we met it was far too late.

I went back to my friends but wasn’t enjoying it. After a bit I went back to the foyer. Quite late so I decided to get the train home.

It is always the hope that kills, but I seem to be OK, if not quite the blithe spirit I was last week. Cleaning up the house had a bit of priority in hope of visitors. I got through the bathroom and most of the kitchen. Maybe less priority now.

From this morning (now after 12:00) replacing the drive at the back of the house  commences . There are still a few final things to be decided but it is mostly worked out. Parking may be a bit difficult, as it os often around here.

I rather forgot the everyday. I fitted  the new front under bumper panel to the car. Looks  much better. I should have a new grill surround panel next weekend.

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