A very different weekend. I was at the pub on Friday late. It was pretty quiet, but my friend & neighbour Paul was there. He runs a landscape gardening company. I asked him if he was interested in resurfacing my drive. It is grotty old cracked concrete and needs doing. We are in negotiations. I was just thinking concrete. He is thinking about block paving.

It was a fairly late night, so I wasn’t getting up on Saturday, but Rainer rang and came round. He suggested a walk, so dodging showers we did my usual route. I found I was fitter than him. He suggested a pint. We got to one pub to find it was being refitted so we walked to another and had a drink. Back to the house and Rainer was uncertain if he would stay over. We went to Sushi Hama. My first visit. It is a tiny place with Japanese and Korean food. Good food and value and atmosphere.

Then to my local for a pint. Well… They had a rather good covers band on.  I think they were called Zapped. We stayed all evening. I met lots of friends and we had a really good time.

The pub tenant is from Sef Africa. I noticed a poster for a Brai for South Africa day, which happens to be my birthday. 

Sunday? I gave it a miss.

I’ve spent most of the last 2 days work wrestling with spreadsheets. Developing new stuff is better than the usual fire fighting.

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