It has been a pretty good week. I was daft enough to get the wrong date for Andy’s birthday do, but otherwise OK. I got quite a lot of work done. Did some new spreadsheets for monthly reporting. I had my last phone CBT session today. Good and sad as I could do with more support. The Lovely Samantha emailed me, for the first time in a while. The smile hasn’t worn off yet.

Tonight I have been working on more pics for the pages. I found some of the ones I want on negative, but the negative scanner does not index right for my camera. I think I will have to remove the index stubs so I can adjust the negatives. If the neg does not align correctly there is light spill which ruins the image. Might also need to blank adjoining pics. The good bit is the scanner has a better quality setting which means I can get better results on the pictures that came out poorly.

It is just after 10:00. I’m about to have a quick shower, then adjourn to the pub.

I an gradually getting the hang of comments on the blog. Looks like most of them are spam I really welcome geniune comments from real people, but If I click your comment and it comes up with a dead site or something commercial, I’m afraid I will delete it. My blog is not intended to be a commercial enterprise, so please don’t send spam. Thanks.

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