The trip to the guitar repairer was great. I liked him. Old school craftsman. He reckons he can sort the quirks of my old Egmond http://www.egmond.se/egmond_se_History.html

so  it plays really well. Now I start to want all my other guitars done. At £80 a go, that is possible.

I took another Egmond with me. It’s neck is really wrong. It would have cost £280 or more to get it done. I think I paid £12.50 for it, but I may be able to do most of the work. The fretboard is more concave than flat or convex. I find it is easy to buy fretboard radius sanding boards. I have one on order. No truss rod at present, but the relief is about right with light strings. It’s the kind of thing you can do a bit of then leave.

I have an old Wilson Sapphire bass I started working on many years ago. The finish on the back is cracked.  I planned on stripping it and painting it. Later the idea came to give it a layer of glass cloth and epoxy on each side. After a long gap, I got in contact with Mike & Silvie at HQ fibre products. They are happy to do the glass, epoxy coat and bring it to a finish, ready for the subtle colour pearlescent white and layers of clearcoat.

I’ll put up a guitars page when they are looking a bit better.

Andy F’s birthday this week. I was invited to the restaurant in Neasden. Had to say no. The travel isn’t easy and I get embarrassed by all these Brazilians gyrating when I don’t feel competent. I had some hopes last year….

I just confirmed Battle Mountain motel bookings for me, Legs and Sherri. We can cancel or change, but I got the last single room for Sherri.

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