Last Thurs was the funeral of Peter, my Mum’s kid brother. He lived about a mile away. His family are very close, with children and grandchildren. He had dementia for 3 years. Nobody teld me. I visited my Mum when she was dementing  and worked with people with dementia.
Well, it was odd. It started in the local Methodist church. Very good non-family attendance. I had never thought of Pete as religious. There were a couple of hymns I knew and sang lustily. The rest were just rather dull, musically and in words.
The touching bits were a piece Dorothy, my aunt, wrote, and the words of Pete’s 3 grandchildren.
Afterwards at the house, there were some strong memories. When I was young, Peter was a hero to me. Even let me try on his police helmet. It was good to meet the other family members especially the ones who have grown up.       
At work, the dam is gradually breaking. We have another 2 years, subject to some administrative botches. I am allowed to start buying a few bits of kit and should be able to start the whole IT replacement project in the New Year. I’m also seeing suppliers to replace our Meeting Room Manager system and of course nothing else goes away.
I am talking to 2 teams about handcycle record attempts at Battle Mountain. Not sure what I will do, but it is good to be valued. I have to do a ‘Community Day’ for work. I’ve put quite a lot into society over the year and I think this is very paternalistic, but if they pay for me to see the team in Plymouth, plus fares, well…
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