I managed to find a couple of pics of my drive as it was.

Old drive 1Old drive 2

I wish it had looked like this. It is 2 photos, a view each way. You can see the Campanula I loved and want to re-establish. The Buddleias are back like this. Unkillable. You can see the gatepost on the right. It isn’t there anymore. The last narrowing before the gate has gone. Much easier to get the car in now.  You can see the old car my neighbor told me to replace because it looks bad on the new drive.

I did a couple of things tonight, which is unusual at present. I washed up and put all the recycling out, then I worked on a moss pole for climbing plants. The moss poles you can buy are not very good. Mine is a tube of steel mesh, which will be stuffed with sphagnum and water retaining gell. A couple of years ago I grew some seedlings from a dragonfruit. I gave some to a guy at work who used to sell plants for charity.  I killed mine. He grew his on, but the greenhouses he uses have lost water supply and are about to be demolished. I retreived 2 plants (with permission) which have perked up amazingly and are producing lots of aeriel roots. Dragon Fruit is really wierd. It is an epiphytic cactus. It grows up tropical trees. I have to look up the growing media, but I hope to have the plants installed where they can climb quite shortly.

Only about 4 weeks to go until Battle Mountain. Damjan is set to go. I gave him some sponsorship. His new bike looks even smaller than the last. Probably a nightmare in any crosswind, but very sleek. The back wheel must be smaller as it no longer protrudes above the shell. So many great machines this year.  http://www.recumbents.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=5200&whichpage=2

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