I was worrying too much, as I often do. My row with the boss didn’t kick up much fuss and has been resolved with a small compromise. In general he is very happy with the work I am doing. I have some chances to use my creativity to improve processes etc. The hair issue was not raised. Just me being paranoid. In some ways he has already compromised quite a lot. Most people titled manager have to wear shirt and tie. I wear company black polo shirt and cargos. I don’t have to waste any time choosing.

I went to the pub late on Thursday. Very quiet at first, talking to Nello the waiter. Then Chris came in with Jamdi. Chris is a neighbour I’ve known for a long time. Jamdi is a graduate student a RHUL. We met a few times. I think it was 2011. She is from Angola. Very petite, very black and a complete joy. She’s starting her PhD which has to do with environmental impacts of mining. We talked about the gold mines around Battle Mountain. It didn’t cross my mind until later that my contacts might be useful. Then Nello and Chris played pool and I taught Jamdi to play darts. She was better than me straight away, despite having to throw upwards. It was a draw because we ran out of time.

I was so looking forward to the long weekend and now I have a cold. Nothing terrible, but I spent yesterday in bed and am still full of it today. Lemsip helps. I’m having a lot of dreams with computer stuff in, which is a bad sign. I am rested today (Sunday) and hope to get a few things done.

I have been working on My Bikes. Apart from some pictures and digressions it is up to date.

Feeling quite feverish

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