The drive is about done. Pictures soon. I am a long way from where I was last year. I have significant periods of joy in all parts of my life. 

It is easy to slip back. Exercise has been part of it. I went back to my intense hill walk on Sunday. 1st time was a bit tough, but I did 3 climbs and descents. Legs are a bit rubbery today, which is good.

One of my big problems was the feeling of agency. I didn’t feel I could get anything done. Well, the new drive gives me some feeling of power in my world every time I go out there. Still having trouble clearing the house, but it should be easier. There are photos scattered everywhere from the My Bikes pages. I’ve finished with them for the most part, so I can file them away.

I bought a new negative scanner, which I tested tonight. It performs better and has a better editing suite. I will replace the dodgier scanned pics as soon as I get a moment.

I didn’t make it to Shrewsbury. It is a long way and I am not ready to race. I would have liked to take pictures, as those are going well.

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