Another week

A quiet weekend and a very busy week. Some progress clearing the house up.

Monday was pretty full on. It started with a call from an NHS therapy organisation, for an assessment. Did I mention I’ve been depressed? Then I had psyched myself up to discuss my work project problems with the boss. We have to replace the servers, but getting a spec agreed and work started is rather beyond my knowledge so very difficult. The discussion was easier than I expected. The issue has been around for over a year. I plan to get it moving this month. Also crossed a few more things off the list. Then home and for a phone therepy session with the company therapist. After that, over to Andy Foreys as Jerry And Julia were staying over before flying out to Brazil to get married. What a rollercoaster!

I am feeling quite a bit better, but taking small steps.

This week I was trying to get on with some of my work tasks, but a database problem took half the week. Most of the rest was spent on end of month reports.

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