Last weekend

Well, this weekend has been the usual. Not much except sleep and reading Last weekend was a bit different

On the Friday I went to The Crown in Egham, which is my local. Ended up talking to Bernie (f) who I’ve known a few months and two guys, Kingsley and Paul, who work in the film industry. Bernie declared open house and we paraded back. She lives very close to the pub. It was a fairly late night. I was first to leave as I was aniticipating a bit of a night on Saturday

And so it was. I met up with Dave Larrington, Tina his ex and Will, her current partner. Tina chose the pub off the Brixton Road and it was fine. Good beer and lively crowd, but it had no sound absorning materials so it was deafeningly loud. Dave and I had arranged to stay with Tina and Will anyway so we adjourned  to Crystal Palace, their home area. A pint in their local then to a Sardinian restaurant. Bought some supplies in case of thirst in an offy then back to the flat. Will plays guitar and owns a couple of Teles and a beautiful Martin Parlour Guitar. We settled down to a sesh in which I played and sung everything I could remember, receiving rather favourable comments from Dave and Tina, who had never heard me perform before. Eventually just Will and me were playing until a neighbour knocked on the door. No, they didn’t want to join in.  Anyone who has known me a long time may remember a neighbour of mine calling “‘Scuse me” at my housewarming.

Maybe I will get round to playing a bit more often.

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