Something completely different

Kit Woolf is living in Aberystwyth with Helen and their son Bryn. He hasn’t had his pilots licence very long. On the 3rd, he flew down to Denham, picked me up and we went to Duxford and back. The Cessna 152 is much too small for me. Getting in took some effort and practice. Sitting so I didn’t obstruct the controls was quite difficult. Apart from that I enjoyed the flight very much. It was a bit bumpy on the way out, but really beautiful weather. Kit let me hold the controls for a bit. I found it hard to tell what I was doing apart from the bumpy air. Duxford was fun. Haven’t been for many years. The trip back was much smoother. I was able to recognise the towns we passed. After landing Kit secured and refuelled the plane. Back to my place and a very good curry. Monsoon at Egham is excellent. Lots of chat and a reasonable night. Kit got up early and cleaned up my kitchen, bless ‘im. It was raining and ‘claggy’, so departure was delayed a bit. We got to Denham, but the cloud base was very low. Denham is on the Chiltern ridge, just over the hill from Chorleywood where I grew up. After a good late breakfast in the cafe, Kit gave up and I gave him a lift to Oxford, to get a train home. Parking fees are only about £7.50 a night, but he will have to come back and collect the plane, which was borrowed. A really good weekend and a great relief from work, which is miserable at present. I think Kit is a good pilot. Very methodical.

Photos here

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