These are some bits from the BHPC magazine which relate to Mr Obree

Issue 55, Winter 1998

“While still on the subject of records, it seems that there are at least three teams planning serious tilts at Sam Whittingham’s Hour record, with the intention of:

breaking it

raising it over 80 km/h (49.71 mph if my sums are right)

raising it over 50 mph

There’s John Kingsbury and the K2, the collaboration between Tim Elsdale and Graeme Obree and news of a German group with Axel Fehlau as rider. Less concrete rumours include a possible attempt by Freddy Markham in a Gardner Martin designed machine, and I can’t imagine Bram Moens and/or Ymte Sybrandy leaving it alone either.”

Issue 59, Winter 1999 

“What happened to the Obree HPV Hour Record threat?”

Tim Elsdale prepares Matt Norman’s steed 1999. Retired after 8 laps

“Tim Elsdale underlined his Unfaired championship with a convincing win, and seventh overall”

Elsdale Cool Breeze 2000

Tim Elsdale after a race in filthy weather. Imagine following a wheel!

“Three artists impressions of Jason Queally’s machine. Information received recently indicates that the machine might not be a prone after all. The last device looks uncannily like the stillborn Hotta/Graeme Obree project – I wonder if they are by any chance related…”

I searched for the picture of Graeme Obree riding the Chris Field/Hotta Chassis which became the Blueyonder, but could not find it.

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